Keith A. Somers International Foundation

Expanding the perspective of young people, globally, and equipping them with the life skills necessary to fulfill a pro-social role within their respective community

Keith A. Somers

Founder, President, CEO

Keith is a force for good with an incredible story. He is an actor, powerful speaker, and motivational sherpa for people from all walks of life.

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The foundation hosts four presentations for youth education:


Somers Drive Alive Project

Educating at-risk youth about the risks and consequences of distracted and impaired driving and motivating them to think twice

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Somers Youth Preparation Project

Educating youth about drugs, alcohol, bullying, risky sexual practices, and other harmful behavior

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Somers Young Healers Project

Educating youth about high risk behavior and habits, and then provide beneficial instruction on how to make quality life choices

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Somers Diversity Project

Educating youth about the inherent dignity and human rights of other races, ethnicities, and religions around the world

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Keith speaks regularly at high schools, colleges, churches, and other gatherings and speaks from his heart.
Contact him directly at keith(at) or by calling 310-993-9756

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We are all about the results

The Keith A. Somers International Foundation receives beautiful, touching letters from people who have changed their lives.
Here are a few who asked us to publish their thoughts and a touching award from Bowman High School.

I have absolutely nothing but positive feedback about Keith; he is gracious, flexible and professional. He is amazing and touches people profoundly. All are moved by his words and message when he speaks.

He is able to share his compelling story while incorporating humor, emotion, and seriousness throughout. He is a truly phenomenal speaker with an inspirational story and I cannot recommend him enough as a keynote speaker for any occasion.

Cameron Benson, General Manager, Watt Companies

I heard Keith Somers share his story and in his testimony. I found the truth about who I am and the inspiration of hope. I found myself grateful to share Keith's story without having to live the circumstances of Keith's life...

Mr. Somer's message is impactful as he bears his soul and his journey of deep reflection and the resulting spiritual wisdom he has gained through his life experiences. He is an eloquent speaker and truly has a God given passion to connect and serve those like myself that have been afflicted with the disease of alcoholism, hopelessness, and misdirection. My children and I will always be grateful for the gift of Keith Somers in our lives!

Corrina Vaughn

It was very impacting to have our students listen to such a strong and powerful message about making better choices and the warning signs that we get along the way. I really appreciate him coming out and giving a valuable lesson to our students.

Eran Zeevi, Assistant Principlal, Bowman High School

Keith Somers has a powerful story and he shares it without hesitiation in his mission to help others. It is remarkable. It is transferrable. It is powerful. It is moving. His struggle teaches others and touches others in a way that no other story nor storyteller's does. He is magnetic. He is a catalyst for personal change. It is palpable and powerful.

Cecilie Korst, CEO, Chapelure Media & Advisor to the Keith A. Somers Foundation

About The Foundation

We are all about the kids

The Keith A. Somers International Foundation located in Los Angeles, California is a group of people preparing young adults for positive futures. We are experienced adults with powerful stories working to make the world a better place through speaking and listening to today's youth.

We want to change
peoples lives

and pay it forward.

The Keith A. Somers International Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. EIN 47-3024770

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